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peels & Hydra Facial Services

Face Peel

zo glow peel

Formulated by world renowned skin expert, Dr. Zein Obagi, the Ossential® Glow Treatment is a must for skin that feels rough or looks dull.  The unique combination of exfoliating ingredients renews and revives skin, with no downtime.  The stimulating combination of citric, glycol, and lactic acids give a brightening boost and revives dull looking skin.


The perfect "lunchtime peel" – with no downtime and added anti-irritants and antioxidants, this advanced peel solution is gentle enough for all skin types.

bela md hydrafacial

The BELA MD+ Advanced Skin Health Platform combines the latest serum innovations and aesthetic technologies to address a variety of skin conditions and improve overall skin quality. BELA works to beautify your skin on the outside while optimizing skin health below the surface! 

The treatment combines diamond tip microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation, serum infusion to treat specific skin concerns, a mega-dose of antioxidants with hydrogen water infusion, facial toning using micro-currents, and finally electroporation to enhance the absorption of actives applied topically.  During the treatment, the surface layer of the skin is exfoliated and the skin is deeply hydrated and infused with powerful ingredients. The face and neck are stimulated for a toning and lifting effect. 

This is a relaxing non invasive treatment with no downtime!

Bela MD
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